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Bendigo Gliding Club

About Us

Flying Training

All training is undertaken by fully qualified instructors who provide the instruction at no cost to the student, other than the standard club rate for aircraft hire.

Enquiries are welcome from anybody who is interested in learning to fly. Gliding training can provide a sound basis for later power flying training and can be used to offset some of the flying time required for a private pilot licence. New members can commence training at any time or take part in courses that are advertised from time to time.

Prospective students can contact any of the names on the club contacts page or just call in and visit the airfield at Raywood and we will show you around and get you started. The Club provides Air Experience Flights to allow you to "try before you buy". If you go ahead and join up the cost of the AEF will be converted to Club rates and the surplus credited to your Flying A/c.

Normal flying and training is based on aerotow launching using a Eurofox tow plane. The Club also maintains a winch which may be used from time to time for winch launch currency or as a back up if the tow plane is not available.

Cross Country Flying

The Bendigo Gliding Club is located in a prime cross country area with flat open paddocks so it makes cross country flights safe and easy. Being inland, coastal influences are minimal and the land has time to heat up, producing excellent soaring conditions. In recent years one of our top pilots has consistently done a number of very long flights including at east 31 flights over 700 km and two over 900 km. Most of the cross -country pilots at our club regularly achieve 300km tasks 2 or 3 times a season. Now, with our PW-6, we can more effectively train people to achieve similar success in their cross country flying endeavours.

The club also hosts informal cross country coaching over the Melbourne Cup Weekend. This has now become an annual event attended by a large number of visiting pilots and aircraft .

Within the range of activities available there is generally something to suit anyone, easy local soaring, aerobatics or serious cross country flying. The club encourages friendly competition between members with a variety of awards presented annually.


The Club facilities comprise our own airfield with N-S and E-W airstrips (we have total control over operations), five hangars, a workshop and a Club House. The Club House has full toilet, shower and cooking facilities so overnight stays are comfortable for anyone having to travel distances to the field.

There is provision for caravans to be parked at the field and one van is available for casual camping. Tents are an option if on a budget.

The Club also has it's own swimming pool, well actually it's a small muddy dam, but if you don't mind sharing with the sheep you are welcome to have a dip.



Address: 127 Borough Road, Raywood, Victoria

Postal: PO Box 846, Bendigo, 3552

Phone (Secretary): 0437 043 963


Clubhouse phone:  5425 2031
Please leave your name and number for a return call.

Mobile phone (piecart): 0492 923 215

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