Fees and charges

Bank Details

Bank: Bank Australlia


Account Name: Bendigo Gliding Club Inc

BSB: 313-140

Account number: 12 161 854

Fees and Charges

Air Experience Flights:- $180.00 (Aerotow to 2000' Above Ground Level) or $200 (Aerotow to 3000' AGL). If winch launching - $130 for approximately 20 minutes. If a short flight a second flight. - Gift Vouchers are available, contact the Secretary.

Glider Hire

Flying time per minute.

PW 6 $1.10.

Smyk PW-5 $0.90

Grob Astir $1.00

The Club's qualified instructors provide their services at no cost to the student, so all instructional flights are charged at aircraft rates only.

Maximum charge for Club aircraft is three hours per day.

Launch Charges

Aerotow $5.00/min.

Aerotow retrieve $180/hr ($3.00/min)

Winch Launch $20.00.


Movement fee $10/day/for all visiting gliders.

Visiting GFA members:- Club rates for launch and gliders.

Use of Club's Colibri data logger:- No charge with Club aircraft and $10/day for private aircraft use.

Private use of Club hangar $14.00/week.

Overnight camping at the field

Own accommodation:

Non-members,$10/person/night. Members,$5/person/night.

"The Sheds"

Two rooms available @ $20/person/night. Extra person $10. BYO bedding. Booking required email the Secretary.


Club caravan - two double beds $15/night/person. BYO bedding. Booking required email the Secretary.

Caravan site fee $100/year (Full members only). Includes camping fees for occupants of the van.

Glider Trailer Storage (Long Term)Full members only - Free

Yearly Membership 2020 - 2021

Contact secretary@bendigogliding.org.au for Membership Application or Renewal form.

Full Club Membership $145.00

Club Membership (Students) $35.00 (Note Student membership applies to full time students who are not working greater than 50% time fraction.)

Club Levy $35.00/month (Not levied on Students or Associates)

Club policy is that non-club pilots who are members of other clubs and who are current GFA members, may fly from our field under reciprocal arrangements on up to five occasions per year before they would be expected to join as full Club members. An "occasion" in this sense is any individual period of up to seven days.

Associate Membership $72.50 (No voting or glider flying rights.)

Gliding Federation of Australia

(All glider pilots must be a member of the GFA and at least one club.)

For GFA Membership details see http://glidingaustralia.org/GFA-Admin/membership-purchase-or-renewal

Fees and charges are current when published but may change over time. Please contact our Treasurer Stephen Baldini to verify current prices and further details. Phone: 0428 446 483 E-Mail: treasurer@bendigogliding.org.au