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Frequently Asked Questions

Why fly gliders?

Learning to fly a glider is a challenge … not so hard it can’t be done, but hard enough to be a very satisfying achievement. What is harder is to become really good at it. No glider pilot can sit back and say “there are no more challenges for me”. Gliding for many becomes a sport for life.

Besides personal achievement gliding opens a new perspective on the natural world … clouds, winds, birds, the sky and the landscape all take on a new significance. There is also comradeship through pilots sharing similar experiences found nowhere else, and because glider flying is a co-operative venture shared by volunteers.

How can I learn to fly a glider?

Learning to fly a glider starts with a “Trial Flight” – a first flight in a glider to introduce you to gliders and to gliding.

Do you race gliders?

Of course! Many pilots enjoy flying gliders in competitions simply as an excuse to get out cross-country flying, some for the thrill of competition. Glider competitions involve flying around pre-determined courses (called tasks) that make the best use of the day’s forecast weather. Tasks generally range from 100-300 km, and can be up to 500km. Classes are available to accommodate different types of gliders and are handicapped so you don’t need to have the most modern sailplane or be the hottest pilot to enjoy flying in competitions.

The Club

Q Do I have to know anything about aircraft or flying to join?

A No prior knowledge is required. We will teach you anything you need to know.

Q Do I need any special skills?

A No.The basic skills that we use to drive a car or ride a motor bike demonstrate these skills.

Q How much does it cost?

A See the page on Fees and Charges. If you can afford to spend an average of about $50 per week over a year on your recreation, then you can afford to fly gliders with us.

Q What if I don't own a glider?

A The Club owns both two seat and single seat gliders for members to fly. You can buy a glider on your own or with a syndicate if you need more access than the Club gliders provide.

Q How often does the Club fly?

A Most weekends and public holidays weather permitting. If you are not sure about a particular day contact the Club to check.

Q Can I use the Club gliders in competitions?

A Yes, subject to availability.


Q Is it safe?

A As with all active recreational pursuits there are risks involved in flying gliders. However, the design, construction and maintenance of the gliders and the rules and operating procedures we use are designed to ensure that risks are minimised and members can enjoy their sport with a high expectation of safety.

Q Where can I find out more about gliding as a hobby and/or sport?

A Have a look at and when you have checked it all out contact BGC about learning to fly with a great bunch of friendly people.

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