Private Aircraft Based At RaywoodDetails

This glider has been in the club for about 20 years, owned by a few different members. In 1988 Bill stripped the gel coat and repainted it, giving it a brilliant shine.
GBXLibelle GBX

Libelle 201 17m,Colin brought this Libelle back in 2000, one of the additional features is the add-on 17 meter tips which give it a better glide performance. Colin mainly flys it as a 15 meter.
GFJSuper Woodstock GFJ

This highly modified Woodstock variant under development by Mal Bennett has increased span and torque tube airbrakes.
GGRKestrel 19 GGR

Phil's Kestrel 19, after 5 years of rebuilding it is now back in service.
GLVCherokee GLV

Ken's Cherokee, from the drawing board of Stan Hall. Designed in the USA,the Cherokee II was introduced in 1956 specifically for amateur construction from plans. The entire airframe is covered in fabric. Upper surface spoilers control the glidepath, and the landing gear is fixed. It has an LD of 23 at 36 kts
GSQLibelle GSQ

This H201 Standard Libelle has been in the club since 1997.The owner, Phil Organ has spent hours working on the finish to get this shine. He has also painted the control surfaces with an iridescent paint called Candy Apple Orange which gives it a unique finish.

The DG-400 is a self-launching sailplane with 17m carbon fibre wings, and an L/D of 45:1 at 60 kt. It is powered by a retractable 2-stroke Rotax, which provides a climb rate of 500 - 600 fpm at the maximum weight of 460 kg.

The Duster is a 13 metre homebuilt sailplane designed in the USA. This is currently the only one of the type flying in Australia. If you would like to build a paper model of this one you can download it from Fiddlers Green Paper Models
HNWWoodstock HNW

The Woodstock is a 12 metre span, wood and fabric homebuilt. Constructed from plans this glider first flew in 1990 and has been flown regularly since. There are several others also flying in this country
KYPAstir 77 KYP

Paul Dilks brought this Astir CS 77 late 1990 and since then has done many flights of over 350 km in it. It's glide performance of 35:1, and a VNE of 135 knots makes it a very good glider.

VH-UKF is an ASW 19b belonging to Phil McCann and Steve Baldini. It is a Standard Class glider, 15m, water ballast, retractable u/c, no flaps. Best L/D 38:1.

Now owned by Craig Dilks, this PIK was constructed in 1976 and at time of purchase had only 630 hrs flying time. The last owner recently did a 500km flight at an average speed of 153kph
FQNMosquito FQN

Dave Tickner's addition to the club fleet is a Mosquito. Fantastic performance and looks great too!
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