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Gliding Australia is a resource for GFA members and a site for the uninitiated to learn more about gliding in Australia


Gliding Federation of Australia Our Mission " To unite and protect the interests of all glider pilots and to foster excellence in safe, accessible and enjoyable soaring" NOTE: This site is being wound back and will be replaced by the Gliding Australia site above.


Victorian Soaring AssociationIs the regional organisation representing all Gliding Clubs and their members in Victoria and Tasmania.


Vintage Gliders Australia is an important part of the world-wide interest in preservation of the fun and history of old gliders.

Atmospheric Soundings Atmospheric soundings (Univ of Wyoming) more sophisticated than the Aust. soaring site.

4 Day Forecast Chart Australian Bureau of Meteorology


Satellite Images Australian Bureau of Meteorology


WeatherZone Area Forecast-Victoria Comprehensive forecasts for Victoria and Regional areas.

Australian Atmospheric Soundings Peter Temple's "Australian Atmospheric Soundings" site. Temperature Traces and Convection Predictions

Victorian BLIPMAP Forecasts RASP BLIPMAP Soaring predictions covering a range of parameters related to soaring.

International Online Competition (Australia)

Aus.Soaring Archive The prime on-line discussion forum for Oz Glider Pilots

Auto Launching The Blanik An informative guide to Auto-launching. (non-approved document)

Soarpilot Flight Computer Read about and download the latest version of Soarpilot for PDA's here.

Soarpilot Wiki Manual Everything you ever wanted to know about setting up and using Soarpilot for PDA's.

Terrain Data for Palms Download terrain tiles for use in GPS Navigation Software.

Tripoli Rocketry Association This site provides details of the TRA launch program for their site near Serpentine. Activation of the Restricted Areas associated with the site are advised by NOTAM.

Patrick's Pics A collection of gliding pictures by Patrick Roberts

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