Group pilot photo.
Libelle lineup.
Libelle lineup.

The club held its Aussie Libelle Gathering from December 28 through to December 30. Although the weather wasn't great there was still a good turnout and the Libelle lineup looked fantastic!



The annual Bonfire Night was held on June 26. Clear conditions during Saturday provided good flying conditions. Following the day's flying the club held its Bonfire Night. The giant bonfire was needed as it was a very cool, but clear night. .


Trace of their 440km flight on a day where conditions were not perfect.
Frank and Peter prepare for their flight on December 30.


Compilation of shots from the event.
Arcus getting ready to launch.
Eurofox under sky full of Cus.

The long weekend provided a variety of flying, from fantastic, to difficult, to none at all. Irrespective it was a lot of fun.


A good turnout for the dinner.
Steve and Ralph enjoying the meal.

Good location, good food and good company ensured the Club Awards Night was a winner.


Frank smoothing the centre strip.

Frank hard at work smoothing down the centre strip of the field after the council donated a load of dirt.


Libelle SQ being prepped.

Phil has completed the Form 2 on his Libelle and is readying it for an evaluation flight.


Astir being aerotowed.

Paul is a picture of concentration as his Astir lifts off for another long flight.


Terrible Trio.

The terrible threesome caught together. As it turned out the day was difficult for soaring, however Frank and Peter still got a reasonably long time in the air.

Big paddock.

Yep, same glider, same pilot, different outlanding. Tom brought the Junior down in a large lightly cropped paddock only about 6 kilometres from the Raywood field on December 30.

Almost ready to go.

Mo, Larry and Curly - actually Paul Dilks, Tom Howard and Phil Mc Cann, glider packed away and ready to hit the road.

A lack of thermals late in the day led to Tom outlanding.

After making it around 90% of the designated course for the monthly competition Tom brought the Junior down for an outlanding near the Tandarra silos. Good landing between the thistle bushes.

Phil, Colin and Mark assisted in the recovery.

Looks like everything's packed away. Phil counts the wings - one, two, three, four . . . sounds about right!

Steve in the ASW-19.

Steve looks like he means business in the ASW-19. Although the day had a good turnout of members it was not a good soaring day with only a few flights beating 15 minutes.

Kestrel Weight & Balance.

Weighing in at 331kg's in the white corner, GGR. On Thursday we put the Kestrel 19 on the scales. Each wing comes in at 98kg and after all the sanding the glider is 20 kgs lighter than when it was last weighed. All that is left to do is to rig the control throws.

Neil prepares to take the LS1 up.

Neil gets ready for a familiarisation flight in the LS-1. He enjoyed it so much that we couldn't get him down on his second flight!

On the Launch Grid

A selection of visiting pilots and members on the launch grid at the recent Cup Week Coaching Camp, taken by Graeme Sargeant.

Outlanding in Kamarooka area

No, I didn't land this close to a tree and fence - I pushed it there. See the full story in XC Adventures. - Mark

Winter flying at Raywood

With a cold south-westerly wind gusting under an increasingly cloudy sky, the Junior sits amid puddles and mud. A few hardy souls turned up on Saturday, July 4, managing to generate some winter trade for the borrowed towplane, on an aerotow only launch day. Taking to the air were the Bocian (pictured being towed), as well as the PW-5 and IS-29.

Franks Bobcat & Glider

Frank experiments with a new way to get his DG101 to the launch point.

Cadets stand by the Bocian to watch the PW-6 takeoff

Braving the cool conditions the Australian Air Force Cadets enjoyed a good weekend of flying on June 13 and 14.

Jenne prepares for derig as the sun starts to sink.

Jenne ran out of lift on Saturday, April 11, but she managed to find a nice big paddock near Serpentine to land in.

GEA flys

Dennis' K6e looks resplendent after its first flight in 16 years. Located some time ago by Ian Patching and Geoff Hearn, it was in storage with a broken wing at Wollongong G.C.

Dennis managed to locate someone with the time, skill and inclination to undertake the major repair on the wing in Mal Bennett, while he continued coordinate the sourcing of required components and the refitting of the interior and trailer. Eventually taking ownership of the entire project soom after the covering was completed, Dennis encouraged and harrassed his mates at the BGC to assist him to finalise the restoration.

Ian was able to complete the inspections and evaluate the glider at Bacchus Marsh on Saturday December 21, declaring the glider a joy to fly.

Having put in a lot of hours to get it like this, Dennis intends doing a lot of flying in it from now on.

Built May 1965 as S/N.009 and imported into New Zealand by John Roake, the glider has an interesting history. It originally flew as VK-GEM at the Piako Gliding Club, as did Dennis, though he never flew it at this time. Dennis has compiled a substantial history of this glider including actual movie footage shot in NZ.

It is a "Gem" once again!

Bent Arm
"Look what I've Done!". Mark surveys the result of an overexuberant launch. (Picture: Frank)
Friza come home
Neil "Friza" Friswell concentrates on his first solo landing. (Picture: Frank)
Heading Home
Peter in Woodstock heads home to Raywood from Donald after the long weekend camp, briefly escorted by Paul and Craig in the PW6. Picture: Craig Dilks''
Happy Owner
John Mackley wearing a smile that remained all weekend, as he prepared for flight in his newly acquired Ka6cr. Picture: Mark Kerr
Bertha under Cu
Bertha restrained as a Cu boils up over the field on Easter Monday.Picture: Patrick Roberts
Phil and Colin
Foundation members, Colin Campbell and Phil Slocum prepare to launch in the PW-6
Rob in the Moth
Rob photographed here recently, taking a ride in a Tiger Moth (inset)at Point Cook. Perhaps he's evaluating a new tug for the club, or worse still, spending the club assets and taking flying lessons! Looks the part, doesn't he!
Adding Water
Phil tops off the tanks in the Libelle ready for a boomer of a day's flying. Picture: Mark Kerr
John's new type
John looking very pleased with himself after converting into the Junior over the Christmas break. Picture: Mark Kerr
The PW family
A family photo of the PW fleet at Raywood.Picture: Mark Kerr
Final Glide
Craig on final glide for Raywood in the Woodstock after a 200km journey around North Central Victoria. Picture: Peter Raphael
Jack in Junior
Newly elected Club President, Jack Lavery, takes time out from his official duties to take the Junior for a fly. Picture: Mark Kerr

Attach:GEA.jpg Δ

The K6e belonging to Dennis Hipperson and Ian Patching is now in the hands of the Australian Gliding Museum for covering and painting, it's right wing having been recently repaired by Mal Bennett. If all goes to plan we should see it at Raywood this season. Picture: Peter Raphael
Sunset in Winter
Some photos I took on the hanger flight in the Astir today. I found that Keith and Ken had located some very weak lift and it slowed my descent for about half an hour. The patches of trees were giving off their heat even after the sun went down.Pictures: Craig Dilks
Patrick in the IS29
Patrick enjoys some winter flying in his IS29. Picture:: Mark Kerr
Air League Passenger
Craig shares the Kookaburra with a young Air League Passenger during one of their annual visits to the club.
Polishing the Fuselage
A shot by Mark showing the guys hard at work on the fuselage. From left, Patrick Roberts, Ralph Keller (Back view), Colin Campbell, Phil Organ and Phil McCann.
Polishing the Wings
The wings get the treatment in the hangar.
A montage of shots from Pauls camera.
The Boys
Paul, Geoff, Craig, Caleb and Dennis discuss the days events on Mt Hollowback.
Waiting for the Wind
Modellers relax from the rigours of aerial gymnastics while waiting for the breeze to return.

You can find more pictures here

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