Trolley Layup
Here, Mal and Dennis prepare the fuselage before laying up a new fuselage cradle. Steve and Dave also assisted with the Form 2 requirements and trailer restorations.

Measuring Up
A few of the members take time out from the Easter soaring activities to collect some important measurements for the impending extension to the clubroom.

Craig in the Discus 2
Paul and Craig attended Air Shows Down Under at Avalon Airfield over the weekend, and as Paul says: here is "Craig checking out our new glider once we win lotto". Caleb White stands by to make sure nothing goes missing!
Gliders at Horsham Week
The Astir and Super Arrow wait patiently on Horsham Airfield during the recent XC competition held there.

Craig in the Dart 17

"Yes, It's the Dart!" Craig finds time to take his own picture while flying John King's recently restored Slingsby Dart over Raywood.

Jenne Goldsmith and Ka-6

Jenne Goldmith of Vintage Gliders Australia lands her Ka-6 after an extended soaring flight over Raywood

Members 2005

Avalon Airshow

In 2004 Bendigo Gliding Club had the opportunity to display the new PW-6 at the Avalon International Airshow.

Bombs Away
Big Bertha Flys

PW-6 Panel

A view from "The Office". Looking out towards the Kamarooka Forest, east of the airfield.
"Hmmm, those varios aren't looking too good at the moment!"

Keith and David

Bendigo Members, Keith and David, prepare to depart in the PW-6

Astir Looking Back
Check out the Lift!
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