Club Trophy Page


Brian Sinclair Memorial 100k Two Seater Trophy

Brian was a popular club member who loved flying but preferred to limit cross country flying to shorter distances and always in the company of another pilot. As a memorial the Club created the trophy to encourage and develop pilot's skills in mutual cross country flying. The award is for the fastest flight around a triangle from Raywood with turn points of Elmore and Mitiamo (116km) in a Club two seater.

Awarded to Nigel Allom and Neil Friswell for 2018

200k Single Seater Trophy

This trophy was introduced for a 200km speed task for single seaters to encourage early cross country solo pilots. It fits nicely between a 100k and 300k task.

Awarded to Mark Kerr for 2018

Fastest 300k Trophy

Awarded to the Club member who flew the fastest time for 300 km over the previous year.

Awarded to Phil Organ for 2018

Bernie Fry Perpetual Trophy

Awarded to the Club member for outstanding support to BGC for the Year, on this occasion the Bendigo Easter Festival 2018.

Awarded to Nigel Allom for 2018
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